Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I just can't get enough of this show! The Apprentice 2
This chick would not shut-up.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usShe was this weeks project manager and she just barked orders. She thought she was all that, but she was just a catty bitch who lacked any real leadership skills. I liked how she kept interrupting Trump, Carolyn, and last season's apprentice winner, Bill. Image Hosted by And then she tried to get the two people she hated fired. I thought that maybe the girls high-fived each other in the elevator after the doors closed.
Quote of the day: "I feel good about that."
Donald Trump after he fired her.

Check out the new special: Angry Asian man

I got three "Aloha" waves yesterday while driving. It's good to know some people in this town appreciate it when you let them in on the freeway. I also got a smile and wave to go first at an intersection. If only more people practiced this sense of civility, the world would be a better place. Better yet,

"For if every day was just like Christmas, what a wonderful world this would be."
~Elvis Presley

Sunday, September 26, 2004

And speaking of scary, I saw one of the saddest things today. I was at this Hawaiian festival and started to look at the various booths that were selling Hawaiian clothes, stickers, and other goods when I almost bumped into a stroller. There was a little baby girl (I think) sitting in this double stroller. So I waited next to it to see if someone was either nearby or was going to come and get her. I waited by the stroller for almost 10 minutes. I told the friends I was with, what was going on. They slowly walked to some of the other booths and I waited close by and watched. A lot of people walked by the stroller, some of the women looked down into it. I still did not see a mother or father. Perhaps I should have called out into some of the booths near by. I could have just wheeled it away, but then I'd be charged with kidnapping. I should have reported this to the policemen that were roaming around. But I waited and watched, and after another 10 minutes, she appeared, covered the top of the stoller with a beach towel, and walked back into the booth it was sitting in front of. All it would have taken was 30 seconds to snatch this baby and no one would even know. "We're at a Hawaiian festival, everyone is nice and watches out for each other." Maybe on the island of Hawaii....but not in this town. I told one of my friends she should go into that booth and scream at the woman for leaving her baby unattended.


Friday, September 24, 2004

This has to be one of the scariest pictures. Why would someone let herself be photographed after having extensive plastic surgery done?
Image Hosted by
Does she think she looks hot? Did she get socked in the mouth? Is she Asian trying to pass for white? I wonder what she looked like before. Which brings me to another topic: bad celebrity plastic surgery. Check out this website Awful Plastic Surgery. Some of the women look as if they went to the same plastic surgeon. They have this surprised look on their faces. That is one advantage of being Asian, we tend to age much better than our caucASIAN counterparts.

How sad that we live in a world where so much attention is given to looks. (Yes, I wouldn't go out with an ugly person, there I said it.) Even sadder are the people that go on such shows as Extreme Makeover or that horrible The Swan. Although, the one that I completely laugh over is I Want A Famous Face. Especially "Jessica" who is a "pre-op transsexual" and wants to look like JLO(?), J-LO(?), J.LO(?), Jello?

I think plastic surgery gives a person a false sense of reality. A friend of mine recently went under the knife and got liposuction under his chin, to get rid of his other chins. However, he didn't lipo his stomach or ass and now looks a little disproportionate. This is a guy who wears shirts one size too small and thinks he looks good. (In need of a major reality check.) Why not just live in the fantasy world of Nip/Tuck, a twisted show about the moral and immoral aspects of plastic surgery. The operations are so realistic. And they say "shit" a lot, which is so cool for a cable show.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Where is the Aloha Spirit? Are people that much in a hurry that they won't let you get in on the freeway? Some people drive as if they are the only ones on the road. Tonight, as I drove through this intersection, this truck cut off this BMW. He started honking his horn, but the driver of the truck thought I was the one honking. She rolled down the passenger window and said something. It looked like her 80-year-old mother was in the passenger seat. I would have shouted back, if I had the chance, "I wasn't honking! You cut off the car behind you, you dumb bitch!"

And why do large SUVs and trucks insist on parking next to my little Honda? And they park so close. I shouldn't have had that extra dessert at Hometown tonight. It was a tight squeeze. Speaking of Hometown, there were some unhappy people eating there tonight. How can you be unhappy at a buffet? Did they run out of macaroni and cheese? Is the soft serve ice cream machine down? I was upset that they didn't put another cherry pie tray out. Oh well, a worker spooned what was left in a small dish and I was happy with that.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

The word for today is Deodorant.
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There are more than a dozen brands to choose from. Is it too much trouble to run a deodorant stick under your arms a couple of times? (For some more than a couple) There's nothing worse than sitting on a machine at the gym and smelling the foul stench of the person who was there before you. Can't they smell it themselves? Same goes for the swap meet, Best Buy, movie theaters, and the mall. Some people just wake-up, get dressed, and go to these places without thinking about offending anyone.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

This started out as "Angry Little Asian Girl"
Image Hosted by

but has since morphed into
Angry Little Girls.

Image Hosted by

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Do we really need it?

I understand the benefits from a good credit rating, however, how many times have we bought things over the internet? It says "secure" but is it? I just received a phone call today about some recent activity on a credit card. I won't even use a credit card unless it's has miles attached to it. This particular card has been locked up. According to the the card company, someone charged over a thousand dollars to the account. One charge originated in Raleigh, Georgia. The last time I used this card was in 2002.

I will probably run a TRW credit report now, just to be on the safe side. I also plan on closing a couple accounts because of this. I really only care about earning enough miles for a free trip or two. Speaking of which, I received some coupons for complimentary headsets and beverages on my next flight. There are advantages and disadvantages to credit. Too bad there are people out there to ruin it for the rest.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

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One of the most interesting stores to go into is BIG LOTS!. You can find almost anything you need at very low prices. Most times you can find something out of the ordinary. It may be something you really don't need, but for $1.99, why not buy a cutting board. Large storage containers for $5.99. Duct tape for 99 cents. But the best part is watching all the odd, weird, loud, freaky, people wondering around the store. Some act as if they're shopping at Nordstroms. 9 times out of 10 there are at least two people with a missing front tooth. Sometimes you might see the following:

Image Hosted by

Thursday, September 09, 2004

And speaking of freaky...I just watched the premiere of The Apprentice 2, and what a bunch of coniving, backstabbing, two-faced little shits. I especially liked the whiney guy who said he was "underutilized." Get real! You contributed NADA! I guess I'm hooked because it'll be fun to see who gets fired.
My friend Lisa reintroduced me to Trader Joes. I stopped going to it because...well...I thought the store was small and the people odd. Those two things haven't changed, although I think it's even worse. My favorite things to buy are the key lime pie, fresh pizza dough, sundried tomato pesto, and the garlic hummus. They usually have some great vodkas from Russia and Poland. I once bought a very potent brand from Siberia.

However, the people that go there are strange. It's like they're shopping at some ritzy gourmet store. IT'S JUST FOOD! I hate when people talk on cell phones when they're shopping, because they move much slower. JUST SHUT-UP AND SHOP! And why do people insist on reading the whole label front to back? This one woman looked at me strangely when I said "Excuse me"...twice. The pinched faced thing was just standing in front of a refridgerator case with her big cart. Maybe it was her first time in a TJs...whatever. I also hate the couples who talk really loud to each if anyone gives a rat's ass about what they're shopping for. The workers are cool though. How they put up with such uppity shi-shi attitudes is beyond me.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

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Finally! A show set in Hawaii that actually has Asian/Pacific Islanders as part of the cast. Although an Asian/Pacific Islander should be one of the main characters instead of supporting. Whatever happened to Jason Scott Lee or Russell Wong? Even Robin Shou would have been good.

I was in Hawaii during the big premiere, but it was really crowded so we just drove by it and watched it later on the news. Sometimes the three rookies are good, a lot of times they seem so...Mel Gibson/Danny Glover...or perhaps Moe, Larry, and Curly. I like the fact that they use a lot of locals for the stories. Unlike that mayo on white bread show, North Shore.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

There's nothing worse than leaving the friendly land of "Aloha."

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