Sunday, September 12, 2004

Do we really need it?

I understand the benefits from a good credit rating, however, how many times have we bought things over the internet? It says "secure" but is it? I just received a phone call today about some recent activity on a credit card. I won't even use a credit card unless it's has miles attached to it. This particular card has been locked up. According to the the card company, someone charged over a thousand dollars to the account. One charge originated in Raleigh, Georgia. The last time I used this card was in 2002.

I will probably run a TRW credit report now, just to be on the safe side. I also plan on closing a couple accounts because of this. I really only care about earning enough miles for a free trip or two. Speaking of which, I received some coupons for complimentary headsets and beverages on my next flight. There are advantages and disadvantages to credit. Too bad there are people out there to ruin it for the rest.

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