Friday, September 24, 2004

This has to be one of the scariest pictures. Why would someone let herself be photographed after having extensive plastic surgery done?
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Does she think she looks hot? Did she get socked in the mouth? Is she Asian trying to pass for white? I wonder what she looked like before. Which brings me to another topic: bad celebrity plastic surgery. Check out this website Awful Plastic Surgery. Some of the women look as if they went to the same plastic surgeon. They have this surprised look on their faces. That is one advantage of being Asian, we tend to age much better than our caucASIAN counterparts.

How sad that we live in a world where so much attention is given to looks. (Yes, I wouldn't go out with an ugly person, there I said it.) Even sadder are the people that go on such shows as Extreme Makeover or that horrible The Swan. Although, the one that I completely laugh over is I Want A Famous Face. Especially "Jessica" who is a "pre-op transsexual" and wants to look like JLO(?), J-LO(?), J.LO(?), Jello?

I think plastic surgery gives a person a false sense of reality. A friend of mine recently went under the knife and got liposuction under his chin, to get rid of his other chins. However, he didn't lipo his stomach or ass and now looks a little disproportionate. This is a guy who wears shirts one size too small and thinks he looks good. (In need of a major reality check.) Why not just live in the fantasy world of Nip/Tuck, a twisted show about the moral and immoral aspects of plastic surgery. The operations are so realistic. And they say "shit" a lot, which is so cool for a cable show.

This lady is actually white woman who is addicted to plastic surgery. I saw a special on her many years ago. She really screwed herself up. Here are two links to her pics & a YOUTUBE vid.
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