Sunday, September 26, 2004

And speaking of scary, I saw one of the saddest things today. I was at this Hawaiian festival and started to look at the various booths that were selling Hawaiian clothes, stickers, and other goods when I almost bumped into a stroller. There was a little baby girl (I think) sitting in this double stroller. So I waited next to it to see if someone was either nearby or was going to come and get her. I waited by the stroller for almost 10 minutes. I told the friends I was with, what was going on. They slowly walked to some of the other booths and I waited close by and watched. A lot of people walked by the stroller, some of the women looked down into it. I still did not see a mother or father. Perhaps I should have called out into some of the booths near by. I could have just wheeled it away, but then I'd be charged with kidnapping. I should have reported this to the policemen that were roaming around. But I waited and watched, and after another 10 minutes, she appeared, covered the top of the stoller with a beach towel, and walked back into the booth it was sitting in front of. All it would have taken was 30 seconds to snatch this baby and no one would even know. "We're at a Hawaiian festival, everyone is nice and watches out for each other." Maybe on the island of Hawaii....but not in this town. I told one of my friends she should go into that booth and scream at the woman for leaving her baby unattended.


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