Thursday, September 09, 2004

My friend Lisa reintroduced me to Trader Joes. I stopped going to it because...well...I thought the store was small and the people odd. Those two things haven't changed, although I think it's even worse. My favorite things to buy are the key lime pie, fresh pizza dough, sundried tomato pesto, and the garlic hummus. They usually have some great vodkas from Russia and Poland. I once bought a very potent brand from Siberia.

However, the people that go there are strange. It's like they're shopping at some ritzy gourmet store. IT'S JUST FOOD! I hate when people talk on cell phones when they're shopping, because they move much slower. JUST SHUT-UP AND SHOP! And why do people insist on reading the whole label front to back? This one woman looked at me strangely when I said "Excuse me"...twice. The pinched faced thing was just standing in front of a refridgerator case with her big cart. Maybe it was her first time in a TJs...whatever. I also hate the couples who talk really loud to each if anyone gives a rat's ass about what they're shopping for. The workers are cool though. How they put up with such uppity shi-shi attitudes is beyond me.

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