Monday, September 20, 2004

Where is the Aloha Spirit? Are people that much in a hurry that they won't let you get in on the freeway? Some people drive as if they are the only ones on the road. Tonight, as I drove through this intersection, this truck cut off this BMW. He started honking his horn, but the driver of the truck thought I was the one honking. She rolled down the passenger window and said something. It looked like her 80-year-old mother was in the passenger seat. I would have shouted back, if I had the chance, "I wasn't honking! You cut off the car behind you, you dumb bitch!"

And why do large SUVs and trucks insist on parking next to my little Honda? And they park so close. I shouldn't have had that extra dessert at Hometown tonight. It was a tight squeeze. Speaking of Hometown, there were some unhappy people eating there tonight. How can you be unhappy at a buffet? Did they run out of macaroni and cheese? Is the soft serve ice cream machine down? I was upset that they didn't put another cherry pie tray out. Oh well, a worker spooned what was left in a small dish and I was happy with that.

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