Monday, January 26, 2009


The controversy began after several women began noticing that photographs of themselves nursing their children had been flagged for removal. They formed a group called “Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding Is Not Obscene!” to protest a policy that prohibits members from uploading any content deemed to be “obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit,” which can include images showing exposed breasts.

Stephanie Knapp Muir, 40, one of the organizers of the Facebook group, said the company’s policy was unfair and discriminatory towards women. “If they were removing all photos of any exposed chest — male or female — in any context, at least that would be fair,” Ms. Muir said. “But they’re targeting women with these rules. They’ve deemed women’s breasts obscene and dangerous for children and it’s preposterous.”

I just watched the CNN news vid on this. Some of the pictures displayed showed these frumpy, plain, and in some instances, ugly women. Some of the women looked proud displaying their breasts...and children. There was this one photo of a child looking straight into the camera, sucking a big breast, and the nipple fogged out. These women are actually exploiting their kids to further their cause which I think is a bigger crime. There's a big difference between artistic images and pornographic images...some of them looked pornographic. Don't they think that some pervs are getting off on this? Some who could very well be on their friends list? This woman, Muir, has to one of the biggest idiots on the planet and has set the role of women back 50 years.

I fully support Facebook's decision.

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