Saturday, January 10, 2009

FALLBROOK: Young mom spurs Facebook movement over breast-feeding

Battle over pictures of nursing infants draws thousands of like-minded moms, dizzying media attention

By TOM PFINGSTEN - Staff Writer | Friday, January 9, 2009 6:49 PM PST

Man, these breast feeding moms are really perverted pimps. They flash their breasts and children feeding off of them anywhere and anytime. It's as if they get some sick nymphomaniac pleasure at what they are doing. Maybe it's the only pleasure they can get....hhhhmmmmm.

Mothers who object to Facebook's handling of their personal pictures say they are most offended by the idea that their photo of a nursing newborn might be labeled "obscene" in the same way an image of a topless partyer would be.

Why put these pictures up any way? Is it fair to the child? I think these moms are just so jealous that they can't put any sexy topless partying pictures, so by doing this, they hide behind the shroud of "it's natural." Thank God there are normal decent moms out there that believe that breast feeding is natural, but should be something done in private.

"I totally support a woman's right to post pictures of nursing on Facebook, but why would you want to?" one Facebook member wrote earlier this week on the forum's bulletin board, which as of Thursday afternoon had drawn 20,000 comments. "Couldn't you find a better picture to use with less controversy?"

Another guest said judging whether a picture is sexual in nature is a subjective process, and concluded, "This group is just trying to say that they should be able to show their boobs on Facebook."

Kelli Roman is really a bored housewife who needed some attention because she's suffering from post-partum depression.

But Roman said she feels that seeing pictures of breast-feeding is not detrimental to kids, as opposed to viewing nudity that is sexual in nature.

"Children need to see women breast-feeding," she said. "They need to see that breasts aren't for sex or to sell you things ---- especially the boys ---- but they're for nurturing and feeding your children."

Well, why doesn't she go after companies that use sex to sell things? Boys will understand, if they are taught not to objectify certain body parts. It comes from good parenting.

Fellow Fallbrook resident Anna Alcorn, 37, who has joined the Facebook breast-feeding movement, said that she had trouble finding advice on nursing when she had her first child, who is now 2 years old.

"If this were something that was more common, I would have felt a lot more confident," said Alcorn. "It's frustrating that I've had no public role models whatsoever."

No role models? She had trouble finding advice? Open a fucking book you stupid bitch! She was 35 and couldn't find information? What moron impregnated her? This will also open the door to the moms who still breast feed their children who are older than 3, and they too will hide behind this, "it's natural and needs to be more common."


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