Thursday, December 22, 2005

Only three days left till Christmas. The season came quickly. I'm heading out to Vegas today. And even though it sounds like fun, I'm missing Hawaii right now. There's just something about walking around in shorts 24/7. I caught a preview of Being Bobby Brown last night, and watched a couple of minutes of the show. It's really sad to see how stupid Whitney Houston has become. She reminds me of one of those loud and obnoxious black women who have money, but have to act out in order for people to notice them. And Bobby looks like a wife beating black man that's been seen on the news. It's ghetto trash with money.

They remind me of Brittney and Kevin. I feel sorry for the children. I wouldn't people to see how my parents act, especially these two. Houston once had a beautiful voice, but she sounds like a chain smoker who drinks gin, watches soap operas, and spends money...sort of like real life.

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