Thursday, November 24, 2005

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I am sooooooooo stuffed! Love the Hyatt! Why cook when you can go out, make a big pig out of yourself, and not have to clean-up after. I ate shrimp, sushi, and a Char-su duck salad. I then had turkey with cornbread stuffing and lots of gravy, and cranberry sauce. I then had a couple lamb chops, grilled salmon, mash potatoes, yams, and fresh blueberries, boysenberries, raspberries, and strawberries. I didn't have any vegetables so I figured fruit was good enough. I then had a slab of rare prime rib. Champagne was the beverage of choice. I rested while waiting for the rest of my party to finish eating.

Then it was on to dessert. I had pumpkin creme brulee, Charlotte cake (white cake with whipped cream center and drizzled with raspberry sauce), and a chocolate mousse parfait. I couldn't resist going back for a piece of pumpkin pie and black forest cake. I probably could have had one more dessert if I didn't have two big pieces of turkey, or could it have been those donuts I had this morning. Overall, it was a feast and a day to eat as much as I could.

I just woke up from a small nap and my only regret is there are no leftovers to pick at.

JESUS CHRIST! Dolores says you're full of s!@t. She wants to know portion sizes. How long did it take to eat all that?
4 pieces of sushi, 15 shrimp, and a scoop of duck salad.

2 thick slices of turkey, 1 scoop of stuffing, all slathered in gravy, and a scoop of cranberry sauce.

2 lamb chops, 1 portion of salmon, a bowl of fruit, 1 scoop each, mash (w/gravy) and sweet potatoes.
1 slab of prime rib, on a separate plate of course.

1 espresso cup of pumpkin creme brulee, 1 3-inch piece of Charlotte, and a champagne glass of mousse.
1 small slice of pumpkin pie, and 1 regular slice (think Incredible Desserts) of black forest.

I drank about 4 glasses of champange and orange juice and I had 4 donuts in the morning. We were there for almost 2 hours.

Any more questions?
HOG!!!! doesn't surprise me that you ate that love FOOD!!!
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