Saturday, October 01, 2005

It has been too long since my last post. What can I say, except I've crossed over into adulthood, much to my dismay, and have a full-time job. I'm usually too tired to want to write, but tonight I find myself wired on either too much caffeine or sugar. Went and saw
Flightplan today. It was a very suspenseful movie that didn't slow down in pace. Jodie Foster is amazing.

However, I read this on the net:
Airline cabin crews call for boycott of Jodie Foster movie
By Philip Sherwell in Washington

They have long been depicted as frivolous flirts and "trolley dollies". But angry American air stewards and stewardesses say they are boycotting Jodie Foster's latest Hollywood thriller, Flightplan, because of its unfavourable portrayal of their profession.

"We've struggled for many years to change the image of cabin crew from frivolous airheads and after 9/11 it is clearer than ever that we are safety professionals and first responders," Ms Friend said. "This movie is a major setback for us. We're not asking the general public to boycott the film, but we have asked our members to withhold their contributions at the box office as it is denigrating and damaging to our profession.''

Film insiders insist that the flight attendants are portrayed realistically in their reaction to Foster's claims to have lost her child midway through a flight. When a search reveals no sign of the daughter, it is only natural that their first reaction should be to question her story - and her sanity.

A spokesman for Disney, who made the film, said the studio regretted that flight attendants were unhappy.

"There was absolutely no intention on the part of the studio or filmmakers to create anything but a great action thriller," he said. "We are confident the public will be able to discern the difference between fiction and the incredible job real-life flight attendants do."

I can believe these people got their panties in a wad! Don't they realize that it's just fiction? I know there are a few flight attendents that are rude and uncaring, and a majority of the public will be able to decipher the good from the bad. Most of the time, the attendents have to put up with rude and obnoxious people, especially the pigs in first class.

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