Sunday, September 11, 2005

Laura Bush Calls Criticism Of Husband 'Disgusting'

POSTED: 3:56 am PDT September 9, 2005
Laura Bush described as "disgusting" comments by rapper Kanye West and Democratic chairman Howard Dean blaming her husband for the disproportionate number of black hurricane victims. "I think all of those remarks are disgusting, to be perfectly frank, because of course President Bush cares about everyone in our country," the first lady said Thursday in an interview with American Urban Radio Networks. "And I know that. I mean, I'm the person who lives with him," she said. "I know what he's like and I know what he thinks and I know how he cares about people."

Yeah, keep telling yourself that, you little "Stepford Wife." Oh right, he cares about people. He only cares when he needs a photo op. His true colors are showing. Even his father wouldn't have been so stupid and insensitive.

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