Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Went and saw Red Eye on Sunday. It's actually a very well made suspense thriller. It kind of reminded me of this other movie, Narrow Margin. The pace is good too because if anyone has ever taken the red eye, it's a long flight. This movie will make you think about
who's standing next to you when you're waiting in line. Image Hosted by

or even who's sitting next to you during the flight, especially if you're traveling alone. Image Hosted by

The villain is really creepy, but he's good. You may have remembered him from another creepy role, The Scarecrow in Batman Begins. This movie is definitely worth seeing because it comes from Wes Craven, who has directed many B horror movies. This one actually takes flight. No pun intended.

An interesting note, Beth Toussaint, who plays the wife of the secretary of homeland security, Image Hosted by (shown here with her actor husband, Jack Coleman), and I use to take this acting class in L.A. together. We even had a kissing scene playing Sue Snell and Tommy Ross from the movie Carrie.

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