Monday, August 01, 2005

So it goes like this:

Friday afternoon:

Friend: "I'm moving my stuff out of storage on Sunday in L.A. and one of my friends just bailed on me, do you think you can help me?"

Me: "Sure, no prob. What time?"

Friend: "I reserved a U-Haul for 10:30, so I'll pick you up around 7:45."

Me: "Okay. Road Trip! sounds like fun.

Friend: "I have someone else coming along too."

So I'm thinking, couple hours up, move the stuff, add lunch, couple hours back...I should be home by 3. My friend goes to USC and she rented a room near campus, so I know she doesn't have a whole lot of stuff. We made really good time going up there, but the rental place was crowded and there was a line, not to mention some heated people arguing with the manager. But we get the truck, loaded up her stuff and drove to her new place. Here is where it started to go downhill.

Her apartment manager was not there. She did get into the building and her apartment was open, but when she came out to tell us, the door to the garage locks automatically, so we couldn't move her stuff in. So we went to eat at CPK. (Those not in the know, California Pizza Kitchen) We got there at a good time because 5 minutes later, the nerds from SIGGRAPH 2005 started showing up. However, they weren't your typical looking computer geek nerds...probably because the conference is geared toward graphic arts. The best part was running into Crispin Glover on the way out of the restaurant.
Image Hosted by
This is what he looks like, but you might remember him this way
Image Hosted by from his role in Charlie's Angels.

And I didn't act like a tourist and ask for his autograph. Although, I probably should have. I would have if it was Michelle Pfeifer. Anyways, back to the moving day.

After eating, we went back to the apartment. Reno and I waited, almost fell asleep, while she and her roommate signed their papers. We then moved all her stuff upstairs, of course the 3rd floor. She then announced that she needed to pick up a desk at Staples. So after we dropped off the moving truck, we went to Staples. After that, we went to Target to pick up some cleaning products and a 2-drawer unit. And of course, nothing is close to each other in L.A. And yes, there was traffic...crazy traffic.

After our shopping excursion, Reno and I ended up putting her stuff together. It was hot in the apartment and naturally I was sweating like a pig. We didn't leave L.A. until 7:15, and I didn't get home till 9:30. So the next time anyone asks you to help them move, make sure that's all you're doing. At least I wasn't alone, and I couldn't help but laugh every time Reno said, "Fucking Elaine! Only she would pull this shit!"

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