Saturday, August 06, 2005

On Tuesday a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals struck down Kamehameha's admission practice as race-based and unlawful. The school plans to appeal the ruling.

The case involves an unidentified non-Hawaiian boy who has been trying to enroll in Kamehameha since finishing ninth grade two years ago.

How much more can whitey take? Just ask the American Indians. Kamehameha school is one of the last things that Hawaii can call its own. Has anyone been out to Lanikai in Kailua? The non-Hawaiians that live out there believe that only rich white people are allowed to live, walk, run, through it. They even have their own board of advisors.

My parents were out on Maui last month, and commented that all they saw were "haoles." Granted there are good haoles, but it's the bad ones that make it hard for the rest. Hawaii takes care of its own. Glad I look like a local, well, as one local observed, "Until I start talking."

This story reminds me of that girl who fought to enroll in the all boys airforce? naval? academy. When she finally got in, she was so out of shape that she couldn't take the physical pressures not to mention the emotional pressures because no one would talk to her. She then dropped out. The non-Hawaiian will standout and most likely be shunned. What will he do then? File a lawsuit for the other students to be his friend? I bet his parents are the ones that are really pushing the issue.

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