Sunday, August 21, 2005

Kamehameha rally
draws 400 to protest
in San Francisco

Protesters say they support
the schools' mission to
preserve Hawaiian culture

"Kamehameha Schools is a symbol to the Hawaiian people of hope. It is a symbol of native people's heritage and culture, and continues to be a tool for native people."

This cause appears to be growing. And who is this John Doe student? If he, and his family are fighting to get into the school, his identity should be known. It's not like he's not going to standout if he gets admitted. This kid most likely will not be able to keep his mouth shut. His name will get out and he will be ridiculed and chastised. Bully for him, considering his parents are the ones most likely pushing him to go. He will be in 12th grade. Most of the Kamehameha students have been going there for the full 4 years of high school. Friendships are forged. Alliances are made. A slice of Wonderbread tossed into the poi does not make a good mix. If someone out there can find out who this kid is and expose his name to the press, he would probably forego his lawsuit.
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