Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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Combs To Only Be Known As 'Diddy'

He said he's going with just "Diddy" because "the P was getting in between us."Combs -- or Diddy -- said a lot of his friends in the music business have been calling him Diddy anyway, but his fans didn't know what to call him.

How about calling him Big-Heady? Ego-Dummy? The "P" was getting in between us?? Who's us? Is this guy for real??? Does anyone really even give a shit? Obviously, there was nothing going on about him in the news, so he had to create something mindless to talk about. Apparently, he also has a clothing line, Sean John. Urban clothing for urbanites who can afford it. According to fashion/business analysts, the clothing line isn't doing so well. Maybe he's trying to divert everyone's attention from this fact. "Diddy" can always go back to singing. Maybe he can start off with this little "diddy"....

"There she goes justa walking down the street, singing 'doo-wah diddy diddy-dum diddy-doo.'"

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