Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The votes are in and it looks like there's going to be a run-off.

Donna Frye 43% 103,349
Jerry Sanders 27% 64,564

Steve Francis received 24% with 56,225. Not bad considering he was an outsider, but he was so negative and nasty. How sad though that he spent about $2 million on a losing campaign. One analysist said that none of the other candidates brought up his "shady" past from Nevada. Las Vegas mob maybe? Who knows...who cares...he lost.

And this other loser, Myke Shelby. Did his parents really name him, "Myke?" or did he change it so that it would make him stand out? He stood out alright...lame loser candidate whose platform was to save the Mt. Soledad cross, which was an initiative that passed, but was he counting on those voters to vote for him? That would have given him 177,538 votes and he could have won. But first impressions really do make a difference and I'm sure San Diegans are smart enough not to vote for someone who wears glittery t-shirts to a mayoral debate, dodges questions by raising other issues, and never really looks into the camera when speaking. But then again, there are 3,495 idiots who voted for him. Yeah, the Harley Davidson brigade and its white trash followers.

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