Saturday, July 09, 2005

Swam with the sea turtles yesterday and fried my back! Just proves the point of sunscreen. I thought I covered myself well, but I guess "I nevah."

Once again, my friend Jane took us to another restaurant find: The Little Village. Located in Chinatown, this Honolulu magazine award winning establishment is nestle on a side street near crack whores, crazy loooking meth bitches, and scary hoodlums, all which come out as the sun starts to go down. Jane kept saying things like, "Walk over here, cross this way, don't go down that way." She only lives a couple blocks away, so I guess she knows her way around. The only problem was that all the shops close around 4 or 5, but it's understandable considering the low-lifes that wander around looking for their next fix.

Another find was this place called Gyu-Kaku. A Japanese cook your own habatchi in-the-middle of your table place. The staff was incredibly friendly. The bathrooms were clean and offered mouthwash, q-tips, lotion, and mints. The young hipsters frequent this place and I guess the mouthwash is in case one ate too much garlic or onions. But q-tips? What, for clean your ears? I was able to speak a little Japanese to the waitress, but she spoke way too fast for me. I could see myself working there, maybe for a couple days a week. The best part was late evening happy hour: 99 cent drafts!

I'm still trying to make it out to the Liliha Bakery, which is open 24 hours, except it's closed on Mondays. From what I've been told, the workers speak very little English.

I don't know if I'll be able to adjust back to California time, or just reality in general when I fly home next week. Oh well, at least I can stalk Michelle Pfeifer while I'm here.

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