Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm home and it's cold...even though we're suppose to be having a heatwave. Tropical greenery is sorely missing, and before I venture out, I'm sure the spirit of aloha is not any where to be found. but at least I brought home some Ani's sweetbread. At least I can pretend I'm still in Hawaii...LOL!

The plane ride home was alright. I asked for an exit row, because it usually has better leg room, but I got the middle of the exit row instead which has no leg room because of the cabin galley wall. If my cousin was working the flight, she could have moved me up to first. Maybe next time. I watched Miss Congeniality 2 and, except for a few funny scenes,
it was a dud. There were some cranky people at the airport. It's amazing how some people, who have all this electronic gagetry, are not very friendly. Technology has taken the humanity out of people.

I was so tempted to extend my stay when I arrived at the airport but that would only have made it harder to leave later. My family kept telling me, "They need teachers out here," but I've made a commitment in California already. So I think in four years, unless I hit the mega millions lottery, then sooner.

I woke up at 9, which is rare, and didn't go to bed until 1, which is not rare at all. LOL!

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