Saturday, June 25, 2005

Oh to be 21 again! I had the pleasure of hanging out with a newly crowned 21 year old on Friday night. But I'm not sure she had as much fun as she wanted because she was with a group of older people. Granted, we could still cut-a-rug if we wanted to, but her aunt wanted her to see some of the dives of San Diego. We started at the Turf Club for dinner which is always a fun place. People order steak, chicken, or seafood, and the novelty is that you have to grill it yourself. One problem is that the grill can get very crowded, and another is that when you're done, you end up smelling like a grill. The signature drinks are large and potent. This hip and trendy little place attracts all walks of life. It's usually an interesting mix of people.

We then proceeded to the Red Fox Room. A dive restaurant/bar that also has its fill of ecletic people. The food isn't bad. The novelty here is the old piano player and I believe there still is a mic that can be passed around, but it ain't no karaoke. This evening he also had a trumpet player with him. Our youngin didn't seem to care about the Red Fox, perhaps it was a little too, I don't know, old? mature?

We then journey to the Jewel Box, a place that has been known to be frequented by the acting society of San Diego. It's a great place to grab a drink and play pool. Our youngin perk up a little more at this dive spot, probably due to the pool table and that she could actually do something else than listen to us oldies talking about the good old dull days. LOL! The highlight of the evening was the fact that we got rock star parking right in front. I even made an illegal u-turn and unbeknownst to me, a cop car was coming up behind me. He did slow down and look, but didn't do anything. Maybe he didn't see me or maybe it pays to drive a 4-door incognito car.

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