Friday, June 17, 2005

It is raining up here. I hope the graduation doesn't get rained out. Last night my high school friends and I felt like we were in high school again. We met up at CB Hannegan's in Los Gatos, and drank and caught up with each other's lives. We made some revelations, which were surprising, like the fact that I almost didn't graduate because I failed American government. We compared the sexual activity of ourselves in school then and compared it to what is going on in the schools now, and they were a little shocked that it is happening in middle schools. I felt a little bad because they all had to work today, but true to form, we did hit the Carrows in Saratoga. It's not the Denny's on Capital and Berryessa(our last stop on many nights out, drunk or sober)but it was close enough. I couldn't believe they stayed out until 2. The highlight of the night was when I went to use the restroom before we left. This restaurant/bar draws a very diverse crowd, but the later it gets, the younger the bar crowd is. When I walked up the stairs, one of the employees asked to see my ID. I said, "Are you serious?" and he's like "Yeah, I am." Well, it shocked the hell out of him. I think I'll go take a nap. It's the very thing that keeps me looking so young....LOL!
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