Sunday, June 26, 2005

I saw Batman Begins yesterday and I was engaged the whole time. Sometimes when I'm watching a movie, if something slow and uninteresting is on screen, I'll tune out. For example, the silly and contrived love story in the recent Star Wars trilogy. With Batman, I was worried I'd miss something if I didn't pay attention. Viewers have a better understanding of where the "Bat" comes from and why he's the way he is.

I thought Christian Bale was perfect for the role. At least he'll have a steady income for two or three more movies. Hopefully, the studio won't screw this version up like they did after the 1989 and 1992 versions with Michael Keaton.

Speaking of Keaton, I thought he could have made a cameo appearance as Bruce Wayne's father, and it would have been cool considering Linus Roache and Keaton look similar. But then again, maybe since it is the beginning of a new era for the franchise, it would be better if nothing is mentioned of the previous movies. But I did hear a small rumor that Michelle Pfeiffer was going to supply a voice only cameo in the second installment. Maybe they could get Halle Berry to be Catwoman again, wouldn't that be like nails on a chalkboard!

There was a small representation of my Asian brothers, however, we are either villains, ninjas, or mountain people. Although, there was one Asian police officer who had a small speaking part. I thought Ken Watanabe was wasted in a role any other Asian could have played. I thought he would have been better in the Liam Neeson role because there is a reference that he was Ra's Al Ghul. But if memory serves me right, Ghul is resurrected from the dead at some point.

I only had one problem with the movie, at one point Bale Image Hosted by was trying to act like this tough angry guy, but it just didn't seem real. My other two problems were unrelated to the movie. Some fat headed guy had to sit right in front of me, even after his wife told him to move down one, but he said no. What an ASS! The other problem was the blond hootch that had to sit right next to me. Out of all the seats in the theater these two people had to near me and annoy me. Well, luckily I usually plan for this sort of thing, and was able to move on the other side of the row. That is one of things I hate about going to the movies, dealing with inconsiderate and stupid people.

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