Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Has anyone seen the latest promotion ads for Ah-nold? I cannot help but laugh every time he says, "Helping to rebuild Cauliforn-yah." His acting is so bad it makes some of movies look good, for example Eraser. I caught a showing on TBS and I thought he played his character well. What is missing in his ads are sincerity, empathy, and overall concern for the people. Even the bit players nod blankly at him when he talks about "re-fourmm." I think he comes off a little arrogant and cocky.

If you watch his ads today and compare them to some of his films, his acting wasn't bad, with the exception of Jingle All the Way, The Last Action Hero, and Kindergarten Cop. Some of my favorite movies include Total Recall, where he gets his ass kicked by Sharon Stone; the Terminator series; and this one:
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But who's lying now? He has pissed off a lot of people, especially the California Teachers Association because of this:

"You borrowed $2 billion from the education budget and refused to pay it back," Liane Cismowski, a former Contra Costa County Teacher of the Year who is also National Board certified, says in the spot. "Now, you want taxpayers to pay $80 million for a special election that gives you more power to cut school funding without consulting anyone else."

He also wants to change the new teacher tenure to five years from two in order to attract more qualified teachers.If little Johnny can't read or write it's the teacher's fault. When was the last time someone really exposed who little Johnny really is? I can tell you, he's a little smart-ass, disrespectful, troublemaking little piece of shit. Granted, there are some bad teachers out there. Just look at the ones that have been doing it for years. Some of them are so jaded, they lack passion for their subject area.
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