Sunday, May 22, 2005

I just saw the new Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith movie, and I've got mixed feelings about it. I think I might have been caught up in all of the hype. I was expecting to go "WOW!" But, I kind of walked away saying, "Ho-Hum." There were some really cool fight scenes. I thought the love story was weak, and Queen Amadala/Padme even weaker. Of course, she is pregnant in this episode, but does that mean her character and convictions have to suffer for it? I thought she grew stronger as a person in each episode, but unfortunately, she fizzled out.

I kept wanting to hear Samuel L. Jackson say, "You can't kill me mothah-fuckah!" I'm sorry, I just can't believe him in the role. I thought the best one was Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan. And of course, no one is cooler than Yoda.

Played tourist today and checked out the new House of Blues in San Diego. Quite an impressive venue. Had we not eaten lunch, we would have eaten there. One thing that is apparent, the staff is guest oriented and friendly. The security guard let us take a look at the stage from the balcony area. There was some military function in the main stage area. One of the interesting things is that you can walk through the building to the other street. As we looked through at all the art work, we spotted Dan Akroyd sitting at the bar with some of his friends.

We even went to the Hustler Store, which is an interesting and funny experience. A coffee bar in an adult store? Go figure. They do have some very, very funny t-shirts.

So far, it's been a pretty groovy day, however, tomorrow I actually have to work, so back to reality.

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