Friday, May 27, 2005

I guess I'm just a sucker. But who couldn't be after looking at these precious innocent little puppies. Image Hosted by

I, and probably 100,000 other people, want to adopt one, but I have my own little puppy to deal with, Image Hosted by
and two dogs is a lot more work. This was taken on Christmas day a while ago. Yes, I was standing in the water, and yes, it was a warm day.

But I'm sure my dog would want a little brother or sister to pal around with.
Image Hosted by

This news story of cruelty just shows how insensitive and uncaring some human beings are. It makes you wonder how they treat other people. All this person had to do was take them to an animal shelter, because honestly, who could resist taking one of those cute little bundles of joy home? Once they're housebroken, and unlike children, you can leave them alone, and when you say "no," they understand. Although they do grow up and become a little demanding, well...a lot demanding. But I'm not sure about this one.Image Hosted by
He might have some abandonment issues and turn out to be a bad seed and appear on America's Most Agressive Dogs.

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