Tuesday, May 03, 2005

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Have any of you seen the latest commercials featuring "Ah-nauld?" When he was running last year, he seemed very sincere in his ads. But the new ones show him at his worst. Think Last Action Hero or Jingle All the Way. He's trying so hard to be beliveable that it's laughable. Also, the fact that he appointed Alan Bersin, former superintendent of San Diego City Schools, to the position of state education secretary, shows how stupid the governor is. Bersin was ousted by the school board and most of the teachers. How he became the superintendent is beyond me because he had no education background. And now, this same person, whose "Blueprint for Success" was a blueprint for failure, will be in charge of the education system in California. He couldn't run a district, what makes Ah-Nauld think he can run the state's education system? Maybe it's time to move to Alohaland.

No, no, no! We do not want Ah-nauld in Alohaland. Send him back to where he came from.
I meant ME...LOL! Yeah, he can go back to where he came from. Better yet, maybe he should stick to acting, even though he's not that great at that either.
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