Thursday, April 28, 2005


Governor's ratings down

Knight Ridder Sacramento Bureau

What once seemed unthinkable has now become a reality: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's approval ratings have plummeted to Gray Davis levels, and the cornerstone of his ''Year For Reform'' agenda is on shaky ground.

In 90 days, Schwarzenegger's popularity has tumbled by 20 points and potential voters are now voicing doubt about the state spending restrictions the Republican governor wants them to approve in a special election this fall.

I am happy to say that I didn't vote for him. And you know there are people out there that jumped on the Terminator band wagon without really thinking long term. He is a figure head for the narrow minded Republican idiots. I bet Gray Davis is laughing right now.

Special elections? How much more money does California need to loose? Same goes for the mayor's seat in San Diego. The city is already in financial crisis and they are talking about a special election. Money that could be better spent on schools.

And another thing, Dick Murphy smugly said that the registrar of voters was following the law by not allowing the non-bubbled ballots to be counted, and then he turns around and resigns. He knew he was a loser and his resignation proves it, coupled with the Time magazine article. Of course, he doesn't accept any of the blame for the city's financial problems.

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