Monday, April 18, 2005

Police Find Author Of School Shooting Threat

8th-Grader Admits Posting Message

POSTED: 3:40 pm PDT April 18, 2005
UPDATED: 3:47 pm PDT April 18, 2005
Police say a message threatening a school shooting posted on an Web site was written by a 13-year-old middle school student who apparently believed no one would take it seriously.A multi-agency computer crime task force had been trying to track down the author of the disturbing message since it was reported to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department on Saturday. Oceanside police called the Sheriff's Department shortly after noon Monday to report that they had contacted an eighth-grader at Martin Luther King Middle School after identifying him as the probable author of the message. The boy admitted writing the message, police said.

I wonder if the parents, after finding out it was their son, never believed that their child was capable of doing something like this. Some middle school students are lying, back-stabbing, conniving, cheating little heathens. Some school administrators are even in denial that students at their school are capable of doing something like this. The problem, with the trouble making students today, is poor parental involvement.
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