Saturday, April 02, 2005

From Terri Shiavo to the Pope.

Everyone is praying for the Pope. WHY? The man is the POPE! What irritates me are these "all of a sudden I'm Catholic" people who are interviewed on the news. They speak as if they know him, if they've met him. Did everyone think he was going to live forever because he's the Pope? Come on. I think all those "Catholic Sinners" are wondering who they're going to turn to for forgiveness. I think it's a sad thing that he is going to die, but I never met him so I don't feel sad. A new pope will be elected, life will go on.

All those people who were praying for Shiavo, praying for a miracle. Did they think on the 3rd or 13th day she was going to rise from her situation? There is no indication that the Pope's health is going to miraculously get better. What does that say about our faith in God? Does He pick and choose who will live and die? One would think so.

I wonder what's going to be the next big sensationalism story of the week.

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