Thursday, March 10, 2005

I've sort of been keeping tabs on the whole Michael Jackson thing. No one can run away from it because every news station has something on it. Anyway, one thing that irritates me about the whole trial is that these so called "law experts" keep saying things like, "Well, we have to remember he's just a kid." None of them have ever worked in a middle school before. They have no idea what kind of "kid" is out there because they've never dealt with at-risk or troubled youths. The whole thing reminds me of that great movie The Grifters.

I'm not supporting Jackson. A forty-something man sleeping in the same bed as boys...that's just odd. Unless it's a relative, but then again, that can be taken the wrong way too. Something tells me he's going to be found innocent because of the shadiness of the family. Jackson may be gifted muscially, but when it comes to common sense, very stupid.

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