Monday, March 14, 2005

Don't be fooled by the 2-for-1 southern Califonia special at Disneyland. There was a time when you could go to both parks on one day for one price. But Disney caught on to that and probably found out they were losing money on it because quite a few people were going on the same day. Now, you have to come back another time to go to the other park, or pay $20 extra. NEVER go on the weekends. Some of the people must have gotten confused and thought it was 2-for-1 ugly day. The worst was this very ugly, inside as well as out, woman who proceeded to yell at every little thing. This was at the Carnation Restaurant on Main Street. She was loud and rude. She had two children with her and another adult. The scary thing was that she use to be in prison. How I might know this? Well, her prison tattoos on her hands were screaming ex-con. This would also explain her attitude. She talked down to the waiter like she was at some 4-star restaurant. We ate as fast as we could to get away.

I went with a high school friend who had not been to Disneyland for over 10 years. She'd never been on Star Tours or Indiana Jones, which broke down several times during the day. But they honored our fast pass around 7. We rode it twice because we cut in line on the way out. We felt it was justified since we came back to the ride several times to see if they were open. She felt it was the best ride in the park. However, she would have thought different if we were able to go to Disney California on the same day.

She also had not been to Downtown Disney. She couldn't believe the shops and restaurants. It is a nice change to eat something other than space burgers. Most of the people we encountered were polite and courteous which was a pleasant surprise considering it was a little crowded.

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