Tuesday, February 01, 2005

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There are only a few good things about this straight to video store movie as mentioned in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin:
The animation is still beautiful and the voice work charming."
"Returning voices include Ming-Na as Mulan (which explains some of her absences from "ER"), B.D. Wong as Shang and Pat Morita, stately as ever as the emperor. Lea Salonga again sings for Mulan."
Refreshing additions are the voice mistresses of the betrothed princesses -- Lucy Liu (for once getting a part where she doesn't have to butt-kick anyone), Lauren Tom and Sandra Oh, the current Asian It Girl for her supporting role in the Oscar-nominated "Sideways." Champion skater Michelle Kwan has a small role as a shopkeeper."

Now for the bad news:
Writing credit, such as it is, goes to Michael Lucker, Chris Parker and Roger Schulman, none of whom were involved in the screenplay for "Mulan" Part 1.

Missing is Eddie Murphy, who brought much high hilarity to the original as the inept dragon Mushu. He is replaced by Mark Moseley, who does a fine Murphy impression, but the writers lean so much on this character that we get quite tired of him.

How can these white people write from an Asian perspective? Is that unfair to say? Do they honestly think they can pass off Mushu with a Eddie Murphy wannabe?

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