Monday, February 14, 2005

So I'm doing my shopping at Alberson's and proceed to the checkout. Most of the cashiers are busy, so I get into this one line because it seems like it doesn't matter which line you get into, it's going to be a while. I noticed the guy in front of me put a divider between the 100 items he had and these 4 other items. I'm thinking he's buying something for someone else and paying for the 4 items separately. A woman stands behind me, asks if I'm in line because I was reading the magazines, and I said yes, then asked if the 4 items were hers. She says no. So I'm standing there, behind me is a mother and her baby and behind her is a man with a cart.

This WOMAN, I believe of South African descent, tells the man and woman that she needs to get her stuff. The 4 items belong to her. I get so IRRITATED when people just think they can leave their stuff in line and continue to shop as if it would not bother anyone else. As if they have a place in line because their stuff is there. None of us said anything, but you can tell we were all perturbed. The cashier rings up her items, asks for her preferred member card, which she has to fish out of her purse. After he tells her the total, she says she has a coupon, which she gives him. When he tells her the total, she takes out her money and proceeds to decide if she should give him two 5s or a 20. After the cashier gives her the change, it's my turn.

I hand my member card to the cashier, she scans all my items, and there in front of me is this large woman, who is trying to figure out if she has another coupon. When the cashier tells me the total, and I used my credit card, we wait for approval. The woman is still standing there. When I go to sign my slip, I politely say, "Excuse me," but she doesn't move her stuff from the counter. I say it louder and firmly, and she moves her purse, but is still standing there, trying to figure out something. After I sign my slip, I then try to get around her fat ass. (I am now angry). I finally say, "Move already." And then she tells me to stop telling her what to do and that I'm stupid. Which really pissed me off, so I yell at her, "I'm stupid? you're the one being rude and discourteous, you left your stuff and walked away and then cut in front of us." She then tells me to shut-up and I tell her to shut-up. Okay and everyone is watching, but they know I'm in the right, but the workers won't say anything or they'll get in trouble. She then said, "Oh shut-up you Chinese." I just said, "You"

On the plus side, I didn't use any foul or derogatory language to her, except for the woman part. I could have told her "you're in America, learn some manners" or "shut the fuck up you stupid bitch," or "Move your fat ass, you dumb bitch," or even, "Go back to your own country you stupid whore." But I didn't. What's wrong with me? I must becoming an adult. What a scary concept. I guess I could have just said nothing but I believe I was standing up for all the people she has probably done this to in the past, and didn't say anything. I did see her walking out of the store and my first impulse was to drive by and call her a stupid bitch, but how childish would that have been? EGADS! I am becoming an adult.

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