Sunday, February 27, 2005

Academy Award Day
My choices from the movies I've seen :
Jamie Foxx
Hilary Swank
Million Dollar Baby
Sandra Oh ~ Best Supporting

Oh, wait, she wasn't nominated, but she should have. Judi Dench received one for her small role in
Shakespeare in Love. Why can't Oh? Especially for that one scene with her motorcyle helmet. Did any of the female votees feel her pain? I'm sure some of them had been in that situation before and wanted to do what Oh did. Come on Academy, throw us Asians a little crumb.

Saw Constantine yesterday. It was an interesting movie with elements of religion and supernatural. The Devil is funny and a little disturbing. There's not much of a story line, I mean, what exactly is the movie about? The salvation of man? Saving a victim's soul? Saving Constantine's soul? Good vs. Evil? Defeating an Angel? And is this Angel a man or a woman? It can be said that Keanu Reeves' acting abilities are limited.

There was a trailor for the movie House of Wax starring that aspiring actress, Paris Hilton. Yeah, she's about as phony as they come, so I guess she belongs in a film about wax figures. She even does a little spoof of her famous video premier.

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