Thursday, December 30, 2004

Well I made it home in one piece. For a moment there I thought I was going to see the Big Guy in the sky. I had a very rough and turbulent ride home. Wind and rain appeared to be the problem, but I'm just lucky that my flight didn't get cancelled. It's very funny to watch people at the airport. My first encounter was this older fat woman on the rental car bus. She had her luggage in the isle and when we made our next stop, the bus driver told her to stow it in the bin, to which she snidely replied, "That's fine." Then when we reached the first stop, she wouldn't move her feet out of the isle. So as I was leaving I whispered, "Next time move your fucking feet."

There was no line for the airline counter nor security, however, Mr. Pimp Daddy took forever to get rid of all his bling-bling before he could walk through the screener. I'm not sure if it was all the stuff he had or how slow he was moving that irritated me. As I waited for him to grab all his stuff, my stuff came through, so I just shoved the bin forward, knocking his, and grabbed my backpack. If he said anything, I would have said, "Hey, I'm not the one who packs like a girl." I mean, what's he gonna do? He looks like a thug. I look like an Asian tourist. Security's got my back. I still can't believe all the crap people bring and wear, knowing that they have to take most of it off before proceeding through. And then, they either roll their eyes at the screener or whine and complain. I put everything in my backpack and the only thing I'm requested to do is take off my shoes.

On the plane, I usually don't mind a little turbulence because it feels like a rollercoaster ride. But the take off was very rough, and it seemed like a while before we reached altitude. Fear could be felt when the pilot said, "We had a rough ride coming up from San Diego, and it will be a little bumpy on the way down. Unfortunately, there will be no beverage service, and this will be the only announcement until we begin our descent." Then the flight attendant said, "Please remain seated with your seat belt fastened." He stayed seated as well. We descended fast and before we touched down, the plane was flying just above the runway. After we touched down, it seemed like we were still going too fast, but it was raining and I don't think the pilot could have braked any harder or we might have skid. At baggage claim, I could see how hard the wind was blowing, so it's no wonder why we had a rough descent and landing.

I spent the better part of yesterday doing laundry and catching up with mail.

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