Thursday, December 23, 2004

Two more shopping days left. But what is the true meaning of Christmas? Can this meaning be bought, boxed, and wrapped? There were many shoppers out yesterday that were very cranky. Two words: SHOP EARLY! or better yet, shop online and stay at home because nobody wants to hear your complaining. Parking was relatively easy.

Took a weed whacker to my hair. Lorri, if you're reading this, I went the layered messed up look and I have some bangs. It's strange having short hair, well, not really short, shaggy? Think, David Spade meets Bruce Lee meets Jon Bon Jovi. I am going to brave the shopping waters once again today. It should be interesting. I can only make this little pathetic pony tail...LOL!

We've seen 2 different Santas so far, but my niece refuses to get a picture taken with them. We watched White Chicks again. As stupid as this movie may seem to some, it is funny to watch, especially since they make fun of stupid white rich girls. I'm not sure what holiday movie I'm going to see this weekend. I really want to see House of Flying Daggars, but no one in my family, at least from what I can tell, would appreciate it's style and beauty.

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