Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Happy Birthday: Don't let confusion or uncertainty hold you back this year. Don't think that everyone has a better idea or method than you. Take on a can-do attitude and you will be able to move ahead. -- Birthday Baby: You are a hard worker and will never mind rolling up your shirtsleeves and working alongside others. You have vision and will use your creative imagination in whatever you pursue.

If you have a talent for words, either written or spoken, you will get a chance to do something with it this year. You are as gifted as the next person, and more so than most, so write that book or compose that song or do something that allows you to express your ideas. Here's the clincher: it may even make you some extra money.

Start again with a clean slate. You can and you must for, if you hang on to the past, you will miss the wonderful opportunity that lies before you. Irrelevant issues are distracting you from an important matter. How are they managing to do this? By disguising themselves as vital factors! None of us would ever become confused or deluded if we lived in a world where everything was accurately and appropriately labelled at all times! See through a silly facade now. Trust what you feel, not what you think you ought to feel.
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