Sunday, November 28, 2004

The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year. My 13-year-old niece and I braved the shopping world and ventured out into the scary malls. Our first stop was the remodeled Oakridge mall which included a two level Target. We milled around looking for a sweatshirt for myself when we heard a shouting match between two customers:

"Why are you being an asshole," said the woman.
"I'm not an asshole, you're an asshole," said the grumpy old man, "SHUT-UP!" he continued.
"Asshole," she said again.
"Next time you hit me with that cart, I'm gonna shove that cart up your ass!" he shouted.

We felt the love...LOAO! (Laughing our asses off). We then walked around and went into Macy's to see one of my friends who's in charge of security. She looked like a soccer mom when she came to her office. While we waited, we watched the security screens. One of the best things in the office was a bar with two pairs of hancuffs attached. We figured it was to hold the thieves when they are brought in.

Then we went to Santana Row and had lunch. After we went to Best Buy. There are a lot of ritzy stores, but who can afford it? But it's like being in a different town. We then went over to Valley Fair and spent 45 minutes looking for a parking spot. We saw people steal other people's spots and aggressive and stupid drivers. Finally, two of our Asian sistahs gave us their spot. We walked around for about an hour then went to a new Target to look for White Chicks. Well, we didn't find it and I didn't want my niece to spend $19.99 for it.

The next day, I went to the gym to work off some holiday cheer and after that we went to the Great Mall and walked around. My niece needs to look for a dress for her graduation. But hellooooo, she has six months to find it. So I went in and looked at dresses with her. And of course, I picked out some really ugly ones for her to wear. Just imagine a 13-year-old girl saying, "iiillllll!" We went into this store called Media Play and we found White Chicks for $12.99. But I think it was suppose to be $19.99, but they left the $12.99 sales sign up. Whatta Bargain!!! It was bargain city all weekend. I only spent ten dollah on myself. We might do a little more shopping today because we are going to see Christmas with the Kranks.

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