Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Stinging Debate
Parents Divided Over Practice of ‘Hot Saucing’ as a Form of Discipline

Aug. 24, 2004 — The practice of "hot saucing" a child's tongue as a method of discipline may seem cruel to some parents, but those who regularly use the punishment say it teaches their charges valuable and long-lasting lessons.

I think school districts should allow this too. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Schools should learn from the Chinese, who are known for their tight discipline and most principals and teachers in these schools agree that caning is an effective deterrent against misbehaviour.

Respect is huge in the Chinese culture, and it must be present in the classroom. Fear is a tool used consistently by most teachers. In America, students seem to have more rights than the teachers do, which means that discipline can be very difficult, especially for a teacher whose demeanor and stature do not naturally command respect. Some Chinese teachers use "whatever means necessary" to snap a kid back in line. This meant criticizing students in front of the class or yanking them out of their desks for a private grilling in the teacher’s office. I think my 7th grade English teacher, who was Caucasian, must have studied in China.

I must say that I still prefer the American system. In America, students are free to be themselves. In American schools, there is a greater emphasis on personal development and self esteem. While American students may not always be compliant, their individuality cannot be questioned. However, the ones who are respectful, their education is ruined by those who consistantly challenge the patience and integrity of the teacher.

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