Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Saw this movie over the weekend.
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Cruise plays a pretty slick villain. There are some intense parts and some good one liners. My only complaint was the shootout in the club scene. It seemed like it took too long and with all the people with guns in it, how come no one could get a clear shot of their target? It did put me in an L.A. kind of mood, so I decided to ride along with a friend yesterday to USC and check out her campus.

It had been a long time since I'd been to L.A. I lived in Torrance at one time. Did I miss it at all? Not the traffic (Thank God for commuter lanes), but the range of diversity in and around the city is great. I joked about all the Asians that were walking around campus. I felt right at home, but then again, they were the competitive types: studious, cliquish, nerds.

I found the people amusing when we walked around the BEVERLY CENTER. WHO did SOME of these people think they are? It was if they were in their own little movie, however lack of character and substance...in other words: plastic, fake, transparent...nobodies.

I did pick up a copy of LA WEEKLY, which made me consider another visit very soon. There's quite a bit of interesting things to do up there. Although I missed the Chinese New Year festival, there's the E HULA MAU in Long Beach which could be fun.


Well if I come up that weekend we may need to go that Hawaiian event..
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