Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What is wrong with these itineraries?

Wednesday, Aug 4 Northwest Airlines 2670
operated by American Eagle -- AA 3070 1 stop Depart: 10:40am San Diego, CA (SAN)
Economy | 55min Saab 340 Turboprop
Arrive: 11:35am Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Change planes. Time between flights: 3hr 55min
Northwest Airlines 91 Depart:3:30pm Los Angeles, CA(LAX) Economy | 5hr 41min
Boeing 757
Arrive:6:11pm Honolulu/Oahu, HI (HNL) Total duration: 10hr 31min

$1287 per person for economy!!! But take a look at this one

Wednesday, Aug 4 Hawaiian Airlines 37 1 stop Depart: 10:15am San Diego, CA (SAN)
Economy | 5hr 30min Boeing 767
Arrive: 12:45pm Kahului/Maui, HI (OGG) Change planes. Time between flights: 1hr 47min
Hawaiian Airlines 161 Depart: 2:32pm Kahului/Maui, HI(OGG) Economy | 34min
Boeing 717
Arrive:3:06pm Honolulu/Oahu, HI (HNL) Total duration: 7hr 51min

$680 per person,which is half of what Northwest wants.

However, starting on August 23rd, flights between San Diego and Aloha Land average $338

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