Thursday, June 24, 2004

The next best thing to a day at Disneyland is lunch at Hometown Buffet. I was good. I only went up 3 times. It's fun to watch people, especially the ones who pile their plates really high. I want to tell them, "You know, you can go back for seconds, and even thirds if you like." Maybe they don't want to make that many trips to the buffet, as if the huge load on their plate doesn't make them look like a hog. And yes, I had a little salad. I restrained myself and had only two desserts and 3 cookies.

One thing annoyed me, and I'm glad we left when we did, but this man kept coughing and not covering his mouth. A couple times he sneezed. It wasn't anywhere near the food, but would I want to touch a serving spoon or tongs after he just used them? NOT! The best time to go is when they first open, at least there aren't that many freaks.
MMmmmm daily featured menu items

Maybe a career change...they have won some prestigious awards...

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