Friday, June 18, 2004

Image Hosted by Low carb-Shmow carb! I thought I'd give this product a try and cut down on some of the carbs I enhale. But this stuff looks like wet cardboard and has a plastic taste. This whole low carb diet craze is very silly. Just excercise more, drink plenty of water, and eat in moderation. So I guess I can only make two trips to the Hometown Buffet trough instead of 4, and I can only have two desserts instead of 4 plus 4 chocolate chip cookies. I am following my accupuncturist's advice by cutting out pork completely, and coffee and spicy food (for 6 months only). But he didn't say anything about junk food or sugar, but those I eat in moderation...well except for sugar. Give up Breyer's, Dryer's, Ben & Jerry's? Hell no!!! I do miss eating carne asada burritos though.
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