Friday, June 25, 2004

June 25: Monica Lewinsky, in interviews with the British press, said former President Clinton's book made her feel "like an insignificant piece of dirt." NBC's Dawna Friesen reports.

Dirt?! Funny how this "insignificant piece 'o trash" can still make time to do interviews, even though it's only British t.v.

“In the process he destroyed me, and that was the way he was going to have to do that, to get through impeachment,” Lewinsky added. “I was a young girl and to hear him saying some of the things he was saying today — it’s a shame.”

She was a young girl who "knew exactly what she was doing." She just couldn't keep her big mouth shut. And as far as destroying her, funny how she doesn't mention that she received $175,000 for each of the two interviews she did. Hiroshima was destroyed, and as far as her reputation, does anyone really care?
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