Tuesday, June 01, 2004

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The Day After Tomorrow
(This would be a great way to clean up Los Angeles)

I went and saw this movie over the weekend. I read a few of the reviews and I try not to let the opinions of other people influence my decision to see a movie or not, but sometimes I'm wrong. For example, my friend Reese told me a year ago about the movie City of God, and I went and saw it a year later, but wished I'd seen it sooner. Here are some of the things said about this movie:

"Too bad the plot is full of holes, the story itself does not stay within its own reality, and the dialogue is downright laughable. I know disaster flicks rarely make a whole lot of sense, but this film seems to go out of its way to be stupid."

Review: 'Day After Tomorrow' a wreck
Special effects are amazing, but the rest ...
By Paul Clinton
CNN Reviewer
Friday, May 28, 2004 Posted: 11:25 AM EDT

National Geographic News spoke with Tom Prugh—senior editor at the Worldwatch Institute in Washington, D.C.—to hear what he thought of the movie, which he saw at an advance screening.

So should we brace ourselves for another ice age?

"No, I don't think so. The scenario in the movie is fictional. Like some other Hollywood movies that claim to be based on true stories, there's a kernel of truth that is then pumped full of steroids and given cosmetic surgery."

Any particular aspects about the film that you liked?

"I liked how it used shots from space to give you a sense of how huge and powerful the climate really is. One of the key lessons of the film is that this is a very big, very complex system that we don't understand very well. Since we're conducting a giant experiment with this huge, complicated, poorly understood system, weird and unexpected stuff is probably going to happen.

I don't think anyone thinks abrupt climate change is likely any time soon, but the probability is not zero."
"Day After Tomorrow" Ice Age "Impossible," Researcher Says

Stefan Lovgren
for National Geographic News
May 27, 2004

Scientists cannot predict earthquakes. Tornadoes seem to appear and disappear under certain climate conditions. Scientists cannot predict lottery numbers. My point is that shit happens and scientists really can't say that something like the movie won't happen. Look at his last statement.

I enjoyed watching this movie because it was entertainment. If I walked out of every movie believing what I saw, I'd be pretty stupid. I'd believe that I was just part of some computer Matrix, and if I pissed off the wrong girl she'd Kill Me. I'd believe that dogs and cats could talk, not to mention a pig named Babe. I'd also realize that Elvis, Ali, and Hannibal are all still alive. I'd believe that only Asian people can do martial arts and that in order to save the world, there must be Mortal Kombat.

All reviewers have to do is watch the movie, give a brief summary about it and tell people if they'd spend another $10 to see it, which would mean great; matinee price if it's good; demand money back if it's crap. It really isn't rocket science to review movies.

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