Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Are station wagons making a comeback? We had two in our family, no wait, three. I can see the fist one but I can't remember what make or model it was. The second was a white Ford, one of those square boxy looking ones from the 70s. That car went everywhere on those long family vacations. We then had a Chevy Caprice station wagon and one of the cool things was that the back door slid under the car, it was way cool. We drove cross country to Washington D.C. in that car. Oh the memories of southern waitresses twanging, "Hash browns or griiits?" "Toast or Bisquiiiits?"

Grits? What? No rice? Just imagine an Asian family surrounded by southern white folk and looking a little confused at the question about grits. After she walked away, I asked "What are grits?" My dad, in his usual funny way, said "I don't know, something they eat around here." On this same trip we had stopped at this truck stop, but no one would approach us. And when we sat down at a dirty table hoping they would clean it off, no one did. We left and went to this small little mom & pop hamburger stand along route 66(?). I swear the people running it never saw Asian people before. They just kept staring. They even forgot to charge us for a couple of things because they were in such awe of our presence. (LOL)

There are four wagons (sans station) that made a top ten list of family cars. I thought this one was the best and most affordable.

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Dodge Magnum
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