Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Somewhere, down in this ever-growing city, I have awaken from the coma I've put myself in. I'm looking at life from a totally different perspective. Perhaps it has something to do with the acupuncture I've been getting. I am much more relaxed, much more content. I see myself being much more forgiving of the foibles of vain existences that walk around me. In other words, I am in ZEN.

However, I still find time to criticize the assholes I encounter everyday. It feels good though, not to have to deal with the dumbasses that I went through school with just a couple of weeks ago. How they must be dancing at my demise. Saying and thinking things like, "He got what he deserved." And they're probably right. Unbeknownst to them, they have given me the resources to ridicule them in print or maybe even film. There is talk about a colaboration on a film script with my good friend Reese.

A fan of my "former self" left me a message about how sad she was that the old website (God rest its soul), is gone. I think through life we must cast aside our former selves in order to make room for new and improved ones. (This Zen thing really comes in handy, although it's probably driving Reese crazy.)

So, sometimes I will sound philosophical, but sometimes that "Wild Wicked Demon" will rear its brash head.

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